Sunday, May 6, 2007

Writing text in reverse order

Writing text in reverse order
  • Type the text in the scrapbook or any text box.
  • Type & # 8 2 3 8 without spaces before the message in the text box.
  • Example: "&#8238 This is message reverted."
  • Press SUBMIT.
  • The above message appears as > ‮ TRY THIS COOL TRICK
Orkut Magic Tricks

Simply copy and paste the links.

Worst Profile On Orkut

Best Profile

Best Album

Best Scrapbook

View Friends Scrap more Than the Limit

View Friends Scrap more Than the Limit

Open Friends scrapbook

Step2: Look in your address bar (i.e the place where u type You will see this address written

Step3: Add this code"&na=&nst=&nid=&pageSize=30" at the end of the address. It will look like this

30 over specifies that you can view 30 scraps of the scrapbook you are looking into.
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Send anonymous scrap

Send anonymous scrap

For sending a anonymous scrap, follow the steps:

  1. Create a fake account.
  2. Write the scraps to the person you want.
  3. Delete the account.
  4. Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous.

Who Has Added U in There Crush List

Who Has Added U in There Crush List

To know who has added U in there Crush List, Follow the steps:

1) Add your friends in your crush list.

2) A message will arrive you from orkut in any of those have added you in their lists within five minutes.

3) After the use remove friends from crush list, so that if they try, they don't catch you.

Scrap Without name

Scrap Without name

For sending scraps without name follow the steps:

1) Open edit profile

2) Delete First and Second Name

3) Then on the first name text box type ALT + 0173 (i.e. Type 0173 while pressing the ALT key of your keyboard.)

4) Do the same in the Second Name Box.

5) Click Update.

Now you are done you can send scraps without your name

Send Invisible Scrap Magic Scrap

Send Invisible Scrap

So, Friend's welcome to the very first orkut trick.

Step1: Open scrapbook

Step2: Write [i] and submit it, an invisible scrap will b send

Note: Don't Write Anything Else [i]
You can try these various combinations also if u want to send a big no of invisible scraps, as after your few submissions it will start displaying the message "message sent too recently". So try these combinations out:

Orkut Coommunity - Orkut Computer Tips ant Tricks Orkut Coommunity - Orkut Computer Tips ant Tricks

And just keep on increasing it will continue no limits...

One more method

Enter &#3021 no space b/w the symbol and number, blank scrap will be send.